Who are we and what do we do?

EnderHosting is a new hosting service mainly ran by collage students. We do our best to make a name for our selves. We have a good team of enthusiast people that are always willing to help with any problems you may encounter. With customer satisfaction on our mind, we try to help our customers as soon as possible.

Max Van 't Veen


His unyielding ambition to strive for excellence is one of the biggest attributes to his success. In his free time you will find him flying drones, playing video games, working on servers.



A man who is in love with his work, his ambition for the servers is indescribable. He loves to game and work on hardware.

Jack McKenzie

Manager / Head Support

A person who takes pride and dignity into the work he does for the greater good, He has a lot of experience with business and community management. He strives to offer users the best support as possible.

Jeffrey Koopman

Administrator / Head Developer

Ethical hacker and electrical engineer who loves trying out new things and has a big passion for electronics. I love writing code, I have alot of experience working on websites and protecting them against hackers. I'm an ethical hacker who has been hired before to test and protect systems against hackers and defacers.

Stan McKing

Administrator / Head Designer

Creative Artist & Graphic Designer. I love to work with illustrator and photoshop and there lies my specialties. I currently doing a study about Graphic design to become an expert in my branche. In my spare time i play alot of gitar and make my own music.

Charlie Sharpe

Support Moderator

Bit of a crazy guy, loves to play football. In the mean time, he is a professional and helpful guy to talk to on live chat as an EnderHosting support operative, hoping to give the best possible support that is needed.

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