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Ender Hosting Terms of Service Introduction

For the benefit of all of our customers, we have a few rules and regulations regarding our services. It is important that you follow them, so we've tried to make them as clear, short and easy-to-read as possible. For the purpose of this document, "your service" and similar terms refer to any service held by you, rented from us. "We" refers to us; Ender Hosting.


Please use common sense. If you think something you're doing could get you into trouble, it probably will.

We reserve the right to terminate any service at any time without possibility of refund. Hopefully we won't have to.

We reserve the right to change our Terms of Service (TOS) at any time. It is your responsibility to keep yourself updated with our Terms of Service.

Don't use your service to do anything that would be deemed illegal in the United States or your country of residence.

Don't use your service to disrupt or intefere with any other Ender Hosting service. Additionally, don't use your service to disrupt or intefere with any other service on the internet.

We also reserve the right to terminate your minecraft server if you have broken any rules and regulations within the EULA Terms of Service.

We will not take responsibility for your actions concerning the EULA regulations, You must take full responsibility if any regulations are broken.

24 Hour Refund Policy (Money Back Guarantee)

Subject to the conditions below, we can provide a refund within the first 24 hours of ordering a new service - all we ask is that you tell us why you wish to cancel your service and receive a refund.

Each client is only eligible to claim our 24 Hour Refund Policy once.

Refunds for services are available within the first 24 hours of a monthly plan commencing - please contact support to request a refund. Beyond this period, refunds are given solely at our discretion.

All refund requests must be made via a ticket on our website. The 24 hours is counted from the time of order to the time the ticket is created.

The client will be asked for confirmation on their refund request before a refund is issued.

If the client fails to make a confirmation within 48 hours of our request to do so, eligibility to claim the 24 hour refund will be lost.

Our 24 hour refund policy only covers the first 24 hours after a new plan commences. Payments made for the renewal of services are not eligible for our 24 Hour Refund Policy.

Opening a dispute on any of your payments will void eligibility for our 24 Hour Refund Policy.

Our 24 hour money back guarantee only covers a single transaction per client account.

If the client retracts the refund request or states that they do not confirm the refund, the request will become void. A new refund request can be submitted after this point,

but will be treated as a new request and will only be eligible if 24 hours from the client's order has not passed.

Any client found to be creating multiple accounts in order to claim the 24 hour refund multiple times will be denied a refund.

Reporting Abuse of Services

To report abuse on the Ender Hosting Network, contact admin@enderhosting.net

Any abuse complaints regarding a service of yours will be forwarded to you and will require immediate attention.

We may suspend your services until abuse reports have been resolved. If an abuse report is found in favor of the reporter, your services may be terminated.

Downtime & Service Outages

In the event of any fault or outage that was directly or indirectly caused by us, and leaving your service unusable,

you are eligible to claim a credit toward your service for the time that your service was unavailable.

To claim this credit, please make a request to our support team by opening a ticket.

In the event of scheduled maintenance, or other outages or faults beyond our control,

we will endeavor to provide reasonable notice to customers informing them that services may be unavailable for a period of time,

however this is not always possible. These situations do not automatically warrant account credit for downtime, and requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Service Violations

For certain violations of these Terms of Service, we may endeavour to provide notices or warnings via email or support ticket, however this is at our discretion.

Generally, any violation of these terms may result in account suspension, termination or closure without refund.

Any attempts to exploit any part of our system in any way may result in account suspension, termination or closure without refund.

Your security

Your account is your account. Don't share your account details.

Please open a ticket if you'd like to be able to give friends access to your game panel, their own account can be created.

Failure to report account breaches may result in suspension or termination of services.

As we have rules preventing you from sharing your account, we assume that any use of your service to violate these rules was done by you,

therefore it will be you and your service that will be penalised.

Furthermore, don't use your service to exploit flaws in our software or hardware, or the software or hardware of other internet services.

Cancellations of the service

To terminate your services you must cancel any PayPal subscriptions active and contact us at http://enderhosting.net/contact.php

As Ender Hosting does not have access to the client's PayPal account we cannot and will not

be responsible for incidental payments made from using the automatic payment subscription service

Thanks for your time

If you do not contact us to cancel your subscription you still may be charged as an automatic process

If you do not understand anything in this document please do not hesitate to contact us immediatly

There will be a button in the bottom right corner for Live Chat which is a easier and faster way to contact us.

Or you can contact us here, http://enderhosting.net/contact.php

This document was updated on the 2nd April 2017

By Jack Mckenzie at 5:00pm GMT +1

Email Jack for questions/inquiries

Email: Jack@enderhosting.net

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